Marko Ristic


I am an Expert Front-End Developer and Game Development hobbyist from Serbia.

For over 10 years I've worked on a variety of projects, ranging from micro-sites, games, web applications, to being a principal actor in raising a successful video platform from scratch.

Discovering new technologies, experimentation and prototyping is my passion.

Specialties: HTML5, JavaScript, Haxe, Unity 3D, Adobe AIR

Work Experience

Team lead, project coordination, research, architecture design and development of HTML5, Flash applications and games. Specializing in cross-platform development. Programming using JavaScript, ActionScript 3.0, Haxe, C# and AIR.


My skills

Architecture, design and development of complex Web and Cross-platform applications and games. Object-oriented and Functional Programming. JavaScript frameworks. Computer graphics programming. Game frameworks. Thorough knowledge of video technologies and web video platforms.

Contact information