Marko Ristic


I am an Entrepreneur, Front-End and Game Developer from Serbia.

As a kid I loved creating stories and adventures, inspired by cartoons and movies I watched, and reenacting them with my friends. It was no surprise my first contact with video games was an instant hook, and no surprise it would influence my future.

Playing games was fun enough but I wanted to create fun worlds too. In high school I discovered 3D modeling and animation, but it was still not enough. I wanted to make my creations interactive.

A logical next step led me to Macromedia Flash, and my first UIs and games were born.

In the next fifteen years I will have worked worked on variety of projects, raging from games, web and mobile apps, micro-sites, raising a successful video platform, to building my own creative company.

Now I'm:

COO at TRIA DOO, developing games and interactive multimedia experiences.

Founder and CEO of REESTACK Agency, specializing in games and playable ad technology.

Discovering new technologies, experimentation and prototyping is my passion.

Specialties: HTML5, JavaScript, Haxe, Unity, React, Phaser

Work Experience

Entrepreneur, team lead, project coordination, research, architecture design and development of HTML5, Unity applications and games. Specializing in cross-platform development. Programming using JavaScript, Haxe, C#.


My skills

Architecture, design and development of complex Web and Cross-platform applications and games. Object-oriented and Functional Programming. JavaScript frameworks. Computer graphics programming. Game frameworks. Thorough knowledge of video technologies and web video platforms.

Contact information